Woo Auction Pro


This plugin is to add auction feature with lots of options to work with woocommerce. Different widgets are included as well.


A plugin for wordpress to let your store turn into an auction site with super easy way. With this plugin you can add auction features with lots of options to work with woocommerce. Different widgets are included as well.


  1. Add product for auction
  2. Set product status (old or new)
  3. Set base price for auction
  4. Set bid increment
  5. Set deposit fee to make sure the least amount to be paid to joid auction
  6. Set buy now price. User will also have the option to purchase the product instantly.
  7. Set auction start date
  8. Set auction end date
  9. Set auction current time status, if it is running currently, or in process or it is a future auction
  10. Can make the product set to draft to re-auction if the winner did not claim the product in the specified period of time.
  11. Set time limit, within which the winner is bound to own the product after auction.
  12. Set notification for bids, auction completion, auction winning, auction joining request and more ….
  13. Notify other bidders when someone bids in corresponding auctions.
  14. Notify admin when auction for a product is end.
  15. Auction report
  16. Fake bid tracker
  17. Ban users for fake bid to all auction
  18. Ban users for fake bid to specific auction
  19. Customize notification message
  20. Control display of auction products in different pages.
  21. Can set role(s) specifically to let them join the auction
  22. Can ban the user who did not own the product after winning the auction.
  23. Advanced Settings
  24. Premium Support

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